He sees footsteps coming toward him and recognizes the figure, asking what he is doing on the island. Chopper, seeing this from his hiding spot, starts panicking and wonders what to do. The trolley soon reaches the exit. 624. [34], Smoker and Vergo begin their battle with Smoker getting angry when he hears that Vergo harmed his subordinates. Kid, Apoo and Hawkins meeting in the New World. However Monet uses her Devil Fruit power to create a snow wall and protect Caesar. [19], In Caesar's lab, Caesar is telling Monet how the slime came to be; a byproduct of the accident that happened four years ago. [49], Doflamingo laughs and tells him that he does not do business with kids, and warns Law not to mess with him. Not too long after that, Law arrived and used his abilities to replace the handicapped limbs with parts of animals. Meanwhile Zoro gets mad at Tashigi claiming that she is getting in his way but Tashigi claims that, in addition to stopping Monet from going after her subordinates, she is staying behind because Zoro will not cut a woman basing her assertion on their first duel back in Loguetown. One of their most trustworthy brokers is Doflamingo who uses the alias Joker so no one will suspect him. He uses Gear Third, infusing Busoshoku Haki into his arms, and rushes directly at Caesar as both combatants prepare for a final clash. Close. [23], Back at Nami and Usopp's hideout, Caesar has found their hiding spot and goads the kids, who are under the withdraw symptoms, to come with him. Luffy manages to avoid the blade and prepares to finish him with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. ← Previous When the squad protests, Smoker retorts that as long as humans run the world there will be no "perfect society". Vergo swears Law will regret this as he does not know of Doflamingo's past and tries to get Smoker to tell him the truth of the world. The brothers then shot the cliff causing the three to plunge to a lower cliff filled with icicle spikes. Despite knowing it will strain Nami's body, Sanji uses Blue Walk to get himself out of the water before the poison closes in on him. Back in the main lab, Caesar has gotten word of this, Monet comments that defeating three of them felt too easy and asks Law if he knows them from two years ago. Franky then busts out of the facility in his Armored Me tank form, with Sanji and the samurai head, and two children with him. Chopper and Nami then run out, with the kids following behind. The Marines explain why they are deriding the pirates; if they do not, then they will admire and respect the Straw Hats, despite the fact they are pirates much to Smoker's annoyance and Tashigi's amusement.[49]. Momonosuke also mentions that he had overheard Caesar telling his underling Monet of how the giant experiment was unstable and that the kids will die in five years if they continue being experimented on. In the R Block on the secret floor, Caesar is monitoring this while assembling his men in the room. Tashigi comes by to take over looking after the kids and sending them home which turned out to be a request from Nami. He comes to the conclusion that his son must still be inside. Hey !!!! Law then continued to explain that the plan involved kidnapping Caesar and warns Luffy that once it is set in motion, they will not be able to stop, and when Luffy said that its fine, Law requests he has to convince the rest of his crew. However this only breaks the shell covering him and he revives from his petrified state much to the surprise of everyone. However a few of Caesar's men still remain in denial about Caesar's declaration, thinking it part of his plan against Luffy and open the vents. [50] Their objective now is to get to Dressrosa and destroy the factory where the SMILEs are being manufactured to cripple Kaido further. Law then swaps the minds of the escaping Straw Hats and steals all the Den Den Mushi from the Marines, preventing them from contacting the World Government. Zoro and Tashgi manage to meet up with Nami's group and the G-5 Marines. Despite the thunderous seas around them, the crew is excited for the new challenges that await them. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. This allows Usopp and Nami to awaken and go after the children while Brownbeard fights Caesar off. [47], As everyone enjoys themselves, a few of Smoker's men tell him that they got the "killer" gases weakness out of Caesar and are going back into the island to rescue their comrades. [14], Back with Smoker, he tells his men that Caesar was actually the one that set off the chemical incident four years ago and Vegapunk was blamed for it. Franky backs him up with his trademark "super" punch and they both stay behind to hold them off while Nami and Chopper run off with the kids.[6]. [13], Tashigi, in Smoker's body, reveals that there have been reports of kids dying or going missing near the island but whenever a ship was send to investigate, it was just chalked up to a being shipwrecks. When the Straw Hats entered the oppressive heat and blistering cold of Punk Hazard, one wouldn't expect that the opening to go with it would feel as summery and festive as it was. [52], Out on the sea, the crew is taking a breather. He then has the cage the prisoners are in taken outside by a crane citing that he wishes to prove that his weapon is tougher than any high bounty pirate, Marine vice admiral or Warlord of the Sea. Sanji then notices that the men under the gas masks look like sheep. As Mocha continues to run from the berserk children, she has a flashback to Caesar lying to her and the kids children about their "illness" and how he had a son who also died from it, which is why Caesar wanted to heal the children. Twitter. He boosts the Marines morale, claiming that they will get praised by Tashigi, Nami and Robin if they accomplish their goal. Brownbeard demands that Caesar give him back his men as Caesar asks what is wrong. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. However she asks about a child that went into the "Forbidden Room" and suddenly came back out a dragon, the girl naming the child as Momonosuke. Mocha vows not to let any of the kids get the candy and runs off to guard the room just as the children burst in. Upon finding out he is not, the centaur attacks Luffy, who easily takes him down. The crew then realizes that they need a boat to cross the river, and at first it is suggested that they ride on the other crew members' backs who do not have Devil Fruit abilities, but this is quickly refuted when Usopp uses one of his Pop Green to create a Banana Boat to cross the river. Realizing that the lake will be contaminated if this continues, Sanji volunteers to go into lake despite the freezing temperature to go retrieve the samurai's torso. Caesar recovers, claiming Luffy underestimated him. en streaming HD gratuit sur Anime Anime The slime reveals itself to be a Devil Fruit Zoan user, and has eaten the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl. As they exit the room, Chopper, who was hidden in a bag, watches them go. At this moment, Luffy arrives and is surprised to see Law. When it attacks again, Kin'emon cuts through the flame blast before Brook and he defeat it together with sword strikes. [26], Caesar begins to celebrate and comments that before his gas weapon could only paralyze the victim but left them alive. [22], Elsewhere, on an unnamed island, the children's parents plea desperately to the Marine Commodore Yarisugi, who denies their claims and tells them their children are dead. Having no choice, Mocha puts the entire batch of candy in her mouth. Chopper confronts Brownbeard on what he knows, but the former pirate, being an outdoor patrol, has no clue and honestly believes that Caesar is trying to help the kids. Caesar tells them to go into the Biscuits room to receive the candy. The samurai states that Law cut his body into pieces, and his legs accidentally ended up stuck to the dragon. Law teleports his group into the lab and opens the shutter door to let the G-5 Marines enter the facility much to the shock of Caesar's underlings who find the captured prisoners now freed. [44], Back on the tanker outside, Baby 5 reassembles herself from her bomb attack. Open Upon the Great Sea! Asking if the two woman are satisfied and chiding Tashigi for being too slow, he approaches Monet admitting that there are things he will not cut before asking if she has ever met a wild animal that is guaranteed not to bite. It was considered a failure, although it appears to have transformed. Back in the present Caesar apologizes for his outburst before Law asks about the kids. Law queries he wonders who's using who, as he thinks back to when he made the alliance with Luffy in order to defeat Kaido. Chopper disagrees, showing that what he found in the kids' bodies was NHC10, a stimulant drug, that is only used by selected doctors around the world (of which was Dr. Kureha, which is why Chopper knows about it) but it highly addictive in larger dose. Doflamingo in Dressrosa talking to Vergo about Law's betrayal. But due to the fire from the dragon encountered earlier, the tanks in the building explode, damaging the walls and letting the gas in. Mocha suffering from the poisoned candy she ate to keep from her friends. Monet is curious why the Straw Hat Pirates would return to action after two years before the centaurs from before are carried into the room near freezing from having their clothes stolen. At the passage connecting A and B buildings, Sanji and Vergo begin fighting where Vergo cracked Sanji's bones during a connected attack. He vows that he will not let anyone escape. Nami and Usopp try to fight him off with Usopp even trying to blow him up with a Firebird Star. As the Marines keep scorning the pirates, the children want to express gratitude to the pirates for helping them, but cannot because the Marines are trying to prevent the children from doing so. [29], The Marines continue their assault, but just as Zoro is about to strike them. They put the head together (although his top of head and chin reversed), and the head tells them that he was cut up by someone he does not know. With these final words, Law re-enters the facility.[13]. What is more the pair have to contend against the giant children who are now hallucinating them as cockroaches. Usopp makes headbands to help identify the crewmates who were scrambled up by Law. Caesar demands to know why Luffy is trying to capture him to which he explains his role in Law's plan. Luffy decides to go rescue him at the nearest island, the one with the volcano.[2]. One of the centaurs is caught in it and is suddenly petrified. When they confront him over it, Nami punches all three for their supposed bullying. On her suggestion, Caesar abandons the battle and leaves hoping to locate Law, though promises he has a method to make guinea pigs out of Luffy and his friends.[32]. Smoker comes to the conclusion that the incidents were being falsified and there is a mole within G-5 doing it. The kids then exclaim that they do not wish to go in there, because it looks scary, and because of the fact that there is something around them. They inform Caesar that the Straw Hats captured Brownbeard. This gives Zoro, Luffy, Robin, and Usopp time to defeat the sharks and emerge from the water dripping wet and frozen. [24], Back in front of Caesar's Lab, the G-5 marines notice Caesar's Flying Gas Balloon. The crew gets into the boat and begin to make their way across, but one of the centaur throws a rock at the ship right as they are rowing across the river. Usopp, Sanji and Nami (later joined by Robin who stayed with them on Luffy's orders) are still on Brownbeard who rushes past the marines. Caesar mentions he sent soldiers the Marines' way. Finally in the Biscuit Room, Zoro's group has its hands full trying to stop the berserk children and fighting Monet. It is also revealed the slime's name is Smiley. Smoker orders the G-5 Marines to rescue the abducted children, look for the "R Building 66" door and that they will seize the tanker at the harbor. Nach einigen Entdeckungen sehen sie sich plötzlich einem waschechten Drachen gegenüber, in dem ein Unterleib eines Menschen steckt. [7], Meanwhile Smoker's ship has arrived in the frozen part of the island, but the crew comment they cannot get close with poison gas in the air, confusing the recently deployed sleep gas for the alleged poisonous danger of Punk Hazard. Smoker is then seen talking to Brownbeard and allows him to go into the gas to retrieve his men, though warns that he intends to arrest them. Mocha remembers her friends promising to each other that when they get older, they will reunite and go on an adventure. 66-70, 5 volumes [3], Back at Punk Hazard, Luffy decides to pull the legs out of the dragon's head in order to save him. Quiz One Piece - Punk Hazard : Quiz sur 'One Piece 2 ans plus tard. ' Luffy then stumbles upon the footprints, and dodges Franky's incoming attacks. Robin is wounded by Monet, while she is trying to prevent the berserk children from attacking Mocha, prompting Zoro to engage Monet himself, ordering his crew mates to subdue the kids. After being informed of Law's betrayal, Doflamingo orders Vergo to destroy the SAD room and extinguish Law with extreme prejudice. Nami, though at first reluctant, agrees to their pleas and vows to save them. Luffy rockets up to the dragon's back and makes it bite its wing, wounding it and noticing some human legs on the dragon's head. He rallies his men with a false account of how Vegapunk was malicious in his experiments and he is trying to show that his gas has the power to be used for good. [2], Despite Usopp's fear, the crew enters, finding it blazing-hot with most of the buildings melted. [29], Caesar realizes the group is heading for Gate #66 in Building R. He orders the passageway between buildings A and B be sealed off, then to blow hole in the sealed part to let the gas in though wishes for the Den Den Mushi to continue running to show the brokers his scientific work. To make matters worse, an underwater maelstrom called the White Strom, suddenly appears in front of them. Sanji says he cannot do that, because he would feel guilty, and asks the samurai where his body is located. Kin'emon and Zoro cut through the iron shutters allowing Brownbeard to burst through. That is in no way a jeer, as "Hands Up!" Suddenly, Luffy hears the Den Den Mushi ringing, but Robin states that there is a 50% chance that the distress signal is merely an ambush set by the Marines.