Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, su, Enciclopedia delle donne. (EN) Council Members - Listed alphabetically, Council of Women World Leaders. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. Ex-Presidenta de la Argentina (2007-2015) cuando sucedió a su esposo, Néstor Kirchner. [5] Three other ministries were created afterwards. 18 Sep 2018. Not all suspects would be interrogated, but only those with a "red alert" arrest order from Interpol. U.S. prosecutors allege the mo… [25] Once recovered from the conflict with agrarian interests, Cristina Kirchner's public approval improved; her job approval ratings rose by 30% (Poliarquía, 08/22/08). One of the most vocal is the former president and current vice-president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner with presidential candidate Alberto Fernández. She was previously married to Néstor Kirchner. During the first days of Fernández's presidency, Argentina's relations with the United States deteriorated as a result of allegations made by a United States assistant attorney of illegal campaign contributions, a case known as the maletinazo, or "suitcase scandal". Following their US judge Thomas P. Griesa rules that Argentina must pay as well to the hedge funds that did not enter into the Argentine debt restructuring,[130] which Argentina failed to do. The country paid the debt with the Paris Club. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. As a result, Desire's share price plummeted and the company announced further work could begin later this year (2010). Fernández de Kirchner twice represented Santa Cruz in the Argentine Senate (1995–97, 2001–05). AP news, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, National Institute of Statistics and Census of Argentina, 2008 Argentine government conflict with the agricultural sector, 2006 civilian nuclear-power reactivation program, Death and state funeral of Néstor Kirchner, 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force, Conflict between Fernández de Kirchner government and the media, Category:Presidency of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, "Crisistina se aleja por más de 20 puntos sobre el final del escrutinio", "El nuevo Gabinete: Lousteau va a Economía y De Vido sigue en Planificación Federal (Spanish)", "Los desafíos en el área económica que esperan al próximo gobierno", "Empresarios contentos por la continuidad del modelo K", "Prevén que el desempleo se ubicará en el 8% a fin de año", "Argentina Protests Charges, Restricts U.S. With Fernández de Kirchner leading all the pre-election polls by a wide margin, her challengers were trying to force her into a run-off. Climbing inflation began to undermine the Argentine economy, as price and export controls imposed by Fernández de Kirchner’s government proved largely ineffective. On 19 December 2007, she restricted the U.S. ambassador's activities and limited his meetings to Foreign Ministry officials; a treatment reserved for hostile countries, in the opinion of a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State. Los Kirchner Fernández siguieron su hegemonía del poder,debido a que Cristina sucedió a su esposo en la Presidencia de la República, en donde cumplió un periodo de cuatro años. Shortly after the discovery of Nisman’s death, the president announced her belief that he had killed himself. Photograph: Natacha Pisarenko/AP. She also reaffirmed her policy of debt reduction in announcing to continue to pay foreign debt with Central Bank foreign reserves which reached a country historic record of US$51 billion in July. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner lanzó oficialmente su candidatura el 19 de julio de 2007, para las elecciones presidenciales de Argentina de 2007 dentro del Partido Justicialista.El 28 de octubre del citado año, CFK se consagró ganadora en primera vuelta con el 45,29 % de los votos positivos 8 652 293, con uno de los más holgados márgenes de ventaja desde el retorno de la democracia en 1983. She is suspected of using the hotels for money laundering. On 14 November, the president-elect publicly announced the names of her new cabinet, which was sworn in on 10 December. Congress was at a recess period at the time, but most of its opposition members considered returning to override the decrees through an extraordinary session. Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner (Spanish pronunciation: [kɾisˈtina eˈlisaβet ferˈnandes ðe ˈkiɾʃneɾ]; born 19 February 1953), commonly known as Cristina Fernández or Cristina Kirchner, [2] is the 55th and current President of Argentina and the widow of former President Néstor Kirchner.She is Argentina's first elected female president, the second female president ever to serve (after Isabel … Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is an Argentine lawyer and politician who, in 2007, served as president of Argentina from December 2007 to December 2015. Accordingly, the president enacted another decree for his dismissal, citing "mis-conduct" on Redrado's part. [144] The criminal complaint was taken by prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita, who formally accused her of conspiracy, alongside other people included in Nisman's original project. [177], Fernández and her husband have always had a tempestuous relationship with the national media, particularly the Grupo Clarín corporation, which is the owner of video cable networks, multiple TV Channels, radio stations, the main newspaper, and—through most of a decade before 2010—had a monopoly on Argentine football broadcasts: it is thus so-called opinion-former. Pese a no ser la primera presidenta argentina, su mandato se puede considerar histórico, debido a que fue la única mujer que logró completar ocho años en el poder. The struggle peaked in October when Fernández de Kirchner squared off against Duhalde’s spouse, Hilda González de Duhalde, in the Buenos Aires province senatorial election. [83] She also confirmed the celebration of the III bi-national cabinet meeting for next October. Ze werd voor de eerste keer als president gekozen in 2007 en won in 2011 opnieuw de verkiezingen. The visit had a high profile in the media mainly because of the possible extradition to Chile of Sergio Apablaza. On October 23, 2011, almost a year to the day after her husband’s death, Fernández de Kirchner won a landslide victory to secure a second term as Argentina’s president, and her ruling party reclaimed its majority in Congress. Three bills were controversial: the first proposes to limit the injunctions against the state, the second to include people selected in national elections at the body that appoints or accuses judges, and the third to create a new court that would limit the number of cases treated by the Supreme Court. Militante peronista. She… Initially, Kirchner declared his death a suicide, but reversed herself days later, saying that Nisman had been murdered in a conspiracy to frame her. She then began an official visit to Germany the next day in order to participate as a Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair and meet Chancellor Angela Merkel. [2] Kirchner was popular among the suburban working class and the rural poor, while Carrió received more support from the urban middle class, as did Lavagna. Ver más. According to these allegations, Venezuelan agents tried to pressure a Venezuelan American citizen (Guido Antonini Wilson) to lie about the origin of $790,550 in cash found in his suitcase on 4 August 2007 at a Buenos Aires airport. [6][7][8] Fernández de Kirchner was the second female president of Argentina, after Isabel Martínez de Perón, but unlike Perón, Fernández de Kirchner was the head of the ballot, whereas Isabel Perón was elected as vice president of Juan Domingo Perón and became president after his death. On 18 January 2015 Nisman died. The Front for Victory is defeated at the October midterm elections, with a sound victory of Sergio Massa at the populous Buenos Aires Province. La vicepresidenta argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, respaldó este viernes al candidato a la presidencia en Ecuador Andrés Aráuz Galarza, delfín del expresidente Rafael Correa, y señaló que el Gobierno actual de Lenín Moreno no es democrático. Argentine Pres. [84][85] Fernández de Kirchner then departed for New York to give her United Nations General Assembly speech where she once again criticized Britain over the Falklands (Malvinas) issue, and Iran for the 1994 AMIA bombing whilst giving her support for an Israeli-Palestinian dialogue and an eventual Palestinian state. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner  appelée Cristina Fernández dans les pays hispanophones, ou parfois Cristina Kirchner , née Cristina Elisabet Fernández le 19 février 1953 à La Plata, est une femme d'État argentine, présidente de la Nation de 2007 à 2015. During the first days of Fernández's presidency, Argentina's relations with the United States deteriorated as a result of allegations made by a United States assistant attorney of illegal campaign contributions, a case known as the maletinazo, or "suitcase scandal". (EN) Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, su Goodreads. Carlos Menem, voting frequently against his legislative initiatives. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Self: Imágenes del Tío Sam. According to these allegations, Venezuelan agents tried to pressure a Venezuelan Americancitizen (Guido Antonini Wilson) to lie about the origin of $790,550 in cash found in his suitcase on 4 August 2007 at a Buenos Aires airport. The crisis was temporarily solved with a rise of the interest rate. She was an Argentine Senator for the Buenos Aires Province at the time of her victory in the 2007 Presidential election. A few days later, she announced Amado Boudou would run for vice-president on her ticket. Vicepresidenta de la República Argentina. [clarify] Fernandez maintained no wrongdoing, and earlier had alleged she was the “victim of persecution by her conservative successor, Mauricio Macri.”[146], On 14 November 2007, the president-elect publicly announced the names of her new cabinet, which was sworn in on 10 December. She is Argentina's first elected female president and the first woman re-elected. Galería de fotos de Néstor, Cristina y una vida de militancia política. [140][141] A gun and spent shell casing were found next to the body, and a government official said the death was likely a suicide although others considered the death suspicious. [44] The session became a source of controversy as well: Kirchner considered that, according to the 63rd article of the Constitution, only the President may call for an extraordinary session while the Congress is in recess. Sie ist die Witwe ihres direkten Amtsvorgängers Néstor Kirchner. Cristina te cuenta todo por las redes sociales. Public records show that since their arrival to power in 2003, the declared assets of Cristina and Néstor Kirchner have increased by 572%. The following spring Fernández de Kirchner imposed a new tax system to significantly increase export taxes on grains in an attempt to control Argentine food prices. They were joined on 25 March by thousands of pot-banging demonstrators massed around the Buenos Aires Obelisk and in front of the presidential palace. [145] Minister Jorge Capitanich described it as "an active judicial coup". [41], On 29 October 2009 she launched a universal child benefit plan ( Spanish: Asignación Universal por Hijo ) as a way to fight poverty with the goal to reach approximately five million children and youths. She then attended the G20 meeting in London 2 April 2009 and was given a seat of honour at the dinner held the night before at 10 Downing Street, when she was seated across from President Obama. She indicated that she now believed that Nisman had been the victim of foul play and that rogue intelligence agents had misled him regarding her involvement in the bombing investigation in an attempt to besmirch her reputation.Building on that statement, Fernández de Kirchner went on television on January 27 to announce her plans to disband the country’s domestic intelligence agency, the Secretariat of Intelligence (SI), and to send Congress legislation to create a new, more transparent security organization. [22], The large majorities in the Argentine Congress enjoyed by the Front for Victory could not ultimately guarantee a legislative blank check: on 16 July 2008, the presidentially sponsored bill met with deadlock, and was ultimately defeated by the tie-breaking "no" vote of Vice President Julio Cobos himself. Ver más . Mucho se ha comentado de la reunión que hubo en el Estadio Único de La Plata, bautizado ahora Diego Armando Maradona, junto con una de sus tribunas, Alejandro Sabella, a partir del fallecimiento del ex director técnico de la Selección Nacional.Mucho se comentó pero creo que lo más importante claramente fue el reforzamiento que hizo Cristina Kirchner de la agenda del Gobierno … A preliminary report on the investigation by the Argentine Anti Corruption Office (OA) established that the official figures provided by the Kirchners "don't stack up". The increase was partly the product of land deals in El Calafate, a scenic, Santa Cruz Province town where the couple has long vacationed and own property (including 450 acres (1.8 km2) of land and two hotels). [129] Cristina Kirchner visited Pope Francis for a third time. “Junto a Andrés Aráuz Galarza, hasta hoy proscripto candidato a Presidente de Ecuador por la alianza Unión por […] She was the second woman to serve as president of Argentina (after Isabel Martínez de Perón, 1974 to 1976), the first directly elected female president and the first woman re-elected. Two days later, the Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyễn Tấn Dũng arrived. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. [116] Fernández gave her United Nations General Assembly speech where she again criticized Britain over the Falklands (Malvinas) issue, and Iran for the 1994 AMIA bombing while giving her support for an Israeli-Palestinian dialogue and an eventual Palestinian state. While the high-profile victory helped her husband win acknowledgment as the undisputed leader of Peronism, it also reaffirmed Fernández de Kirchner’s growing political influence and helped insulate her against charges of inexperience during her own run for the presidency in 2007. [27], On 20 October 2008, Fernández proposed the transfer of nearly US$30 billion in private pension holdings to the social security system,[28] a law that was passed by Congress in late November.[29]. Kirchner studied law at the National University of La Plata, where he was a member of the Peronist Youth organization. Nisman, who had begun investigating the bombing in 2004 and who had concluded early on that the government of Iran was behind the attack, accused Fernández de Kirchner, her foreign minister, and others of engaging in negotiations with Iran to cover up the responsibility of Iranian government officials for the bombing in return for Iran entering into a trade deal with Argentina. [114] Kirchner rejected Lagarde's demands. As the 2019 presidential election approached, it appeared likely that Fernández de Kirchner would be the Peronist candidate. [185], The acrimony between Cristina Kirchner's government and the national media was exacerbated by a series of lock-ins carried out by the truck drivers' union led by Pablo Moyano, son of Hugo Moyano, a close ally of the Kirchner government. Ex-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the church face tricky questions after José López was found trying to stash $8.9m in cash at a nunnery at 4am Published: 17 Jun 2016 . Also in June 2010, she gave a speech at the International Trade Union Confederation (CSI) Global Summit, being held in Vancouver, Canada where she asserted that "many Euro-zone countries today have applied the same policies that led Argentina to disaster (in 2001)," stating, also, that "it's an inescapable responsibility of the government to intervene in the financial system.". Another message was released shortly afterwards apologising for the initial message. Más Videocolumnas . Her handpicked successor, Daniel Scioli, the former governor of Buenos Aires province, was thought to be something of a shoo-in, but he only narrowly won the first round of voting in October and failed to gain the 45 percent of the vote necessary to prevent a runoff election. Photograph: Natacha Pisarenko/AP. Browse 10,743 cristina fernandez de kirchner stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. The FPV obtained a very narrow victory, overall, as a percentage of the national vote, and retained their plurality in Congress. In October she inaugurates the III News Agencies World Congress to be held in Bariloche. [172][173][174], In February 2015, she and Chinese president Xi Jinping announced prospective ambitious arms sales and defense cooperation agreements extending beyond the scope of any made. Roadways were blocked so grain trucks could not pass, resulting in food shortages. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is accused of receiving bribes in exchange for public works contracts while president. In July 2010, she traveled to China with the goal of, according to the Chinese embassy at Buenos Aires, strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries [75] On her return, she signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Argentina.