NWL Refuge", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "Grant (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 2002, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": "R. S. Zack", "id": 97110, "locality": "Saddle Mts. The banded woolly bear larva emerges from the egg in the fall and overwinters in its caterpillar form, when it literally freezes solid. Pyrrharctia isabella has been found from late spring until early fall, but adults are most often collected in June and July. ; site 1", "linked_photo": false, "month": 7, "county": "Kittitas (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 2008, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": "P. J. Landolt", "id": 92750, "locality": "Swauk Cr. & S. Shepard", "id": 125106, "locality": "Trout Cr., 1st. ", "id": 103456, "locality": "Hood River", "state": "OR", "latitude": "45.71", "elevation": 400, "males": 1, "collection": "OSAC", "collection__url": "http://osac.science.oregonstate.edu/", "date": "1914/7/20", "day": 20, "notes": "", "longitude": "-121.52"}, {"site_name": "Bergen Rd", "linked_photo": false, "month": 7, "county": "Skamania (WA)", "record_type": "photograph", "year": 2007, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": "J. Davis", "id": 159254, "locality": "Bergen Rd", "state": "WA", "latitude": "45.71", "elevation": 452, "males": null, "collection": null, "collection__url": null, "date": "2007/7/22", "day": 22, "notes": "http://www.flickr.com/photos/johns_pics/1600473420/in/set-1438432/; photo ID by L. Crabo", "longitude": "-121.73"}, {"site_name": "Bergen Rd", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "Skamania (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 2008, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": "L. G. Crabo", "id": 179032, "locality": "Bergen Rd", "state": "WA", "latitude": "45.71", "elevation": 452, "males": null, "collection": "LGCC", "collection__url": null, "date": "2008/6/26", "day": 26, "notes": "", "longitude": "-121.73"}, {"site_name": "Sauvie Is. Species: Pyrrharctia isabella. Site", "linked_photo": false, "month": 7, "county": "Stevens (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 2011, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": "J. It produces a body fluid which helps its tissues avoid cold damage. Isabella Tiger Moth caterpillar - Pyrrharctia isabella, Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Woodbridge, Virginia.jpg 3,666 × 2,556; 3 MB Pittsburgh IMG 20141007 133346814 HDR (15286411679).jpg 4,320 × … [citation needed], This species is a generalist feeder, consuming many plant species, including herbs and trees. In a variation of this story, the color of stripes predict the winter weather, with darker stripes indicating a harsher winter. the relation between head capsule width and number of instars - volume 111 issue 3 - mark s. goettel, bernard j. r. philogène ", "state": "WA", "latitude": "47.42", "elevation": 2290, "males": 0, "collection": "JHS", "collection__url": null, "date": "2012/7/14", "day": 14, "notes": "", "longitude": "-117.53"}, {"site_name": "Cedar Falls Rd. In the Pacific Northwest, it is particularly abundant west of the Cascades in coastal grasslands and rainforest, mixed hardwood forests at lower elevations, wet meadows in the Willamette Valley, and in mixed hardwood-conifer forests at higher elevations in the mountains. B. Johnson", "id": 97864, "locality": "Olympia, 5mS", "state": "WA", "latitude": null, "elevation": null, "males": 0, "collection": "WFBM", "collection__url": "http://www.uidaho.edu/cals/pses/entomology", "date": "1991/7/14", "day": 14, "notes": null, "longitude": null}, {"site_name": "Provo", "linked_photo": false, "month": 7, "county": "Utah (UT)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1985, "females": 1, "subspecies": null, "collector": null, "id": 106132, "locality": "Provo", "state": "UT", "latitude": "40.23", "elevation": 4549, "males": 0, "collection": "EMUS", "collection__url": "http://www.biology.usu.edu/htm/research/insect-collection", "date": "1985/7/6", "day": 6, "notes": "", "longitude": "-111.66"}, {"site_name": "American Fork", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "Utah (UT)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1939, "females": 1, "subspecies": null, "collector": "Knowlton/Nye", "id": 105109, "locality": "American Fork", "state": "UT", "latitude": "40.38", "elevation": 4605, "males": 0, "collection": "EMUS", "collection__url": "http://www.biology.usu.edu/htm/research/insect-collection", "date": "1939/6/22", "day": 22, "notes": "", "longitude": "-111.80"}, {"site_name": "Arcata", "linked_photo": false, "month": 9, "county": "Humboldt (CA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1956, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": "W. J. Hogg", "id": 152905, "locality": "Arcata", "state": "CA", "latitude": "40.87", "elevation": 33, "males": -1, "collection": "RBCM", "collection__url": "http://www.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/Natural_History/Insects-and-Relatives.aspx", "date": "1956/9/10", "day": 10, "notes": "", "longitude": "-124.08"}, {"site_name": "Arcata", "linked_photo": false, "month": 9, "county": "Humboldt (CA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1956, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": "W. J. Hogg", "id": 178560, "locality": "Arcata", "state": "CA", "latitude": "40.87", "elevation": 33, "males": -1, "collection": "RBCM", "collection__url": "http://www.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/Natural_History/Insects-and-Relatives.aspx", "date": "1956/9/10", "day": 10, "notes": "", "longitude": "-124.08"}, {"site_name": "Farmington", "linked_photo": false, "month": null, "county": "Davis (UT)", "record_type": "literature", "year": null, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": null, "id": 151933, "locality": "Farmington", "state": "UT", "latitude": "40.98", "elevation": 4303, "males": -1, "collection": "? ", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.55", "elevation": 3012, "males": 0, "collection": "JHS", "collection__url": null, "date": "2010/7/9", "day": 9, "notes": "", "longitude": "-118.23"}, {"site_name": "Saanich", "linked_photo": false, "month": 5, "county": "Capital (BC)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1926, "females": 1, "subspecies": null, "collector": "W. Downes", "id": 153553, "locality": "Saanich", "state": "BC", "latitude": "48.55", "elevation": 96, "males": 0, "collection": "UBC", "collection__url": "http://beatymuseum.ubc.ca/collections/entomological/", "date": "1926/5/5", "day": 5, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.37"}, {"site_name": "Friday Harbor, 3.2mi WNW", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "San Juan (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 2003, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": "R. or C. O'Clair", "id": 157628, "locality": "Friday Harbor, 3.2mi WNW", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.56", "elevation": 262, "males": null, "collection": "O'Clair Coll", "collection__url": null, "date": "2003/6/20", "day": 20, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.08"}, {"site_name": "Friday Harbor, 3.2mi WNW", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "San Juan (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 2003, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": "R. or C. O'Clair", "id": 157629, "locality": "Friday Harbor, 3.2mi WNW", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.56", "elevation": 262, "males": null, "collection": "O'Clair Coll", "collection__url": null, "date": "2003/6/27", "day": 27, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.08"}, {"site_name": "Friday Harbor, 3.2mi WNW", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "San Juan (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 2006, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": "R. or C. O'Clair", "id": 157630, "locality": "Friday Harbor, 3.2mi WNW", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.56", "elevation": 262, "males": null, "collection": "O'Clair Coll", "collection__url": null, "date": "2006/6/29", "day": 29, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.08"}, {"site_name": "Friday Harbor, 3.2mi WNW", "linked_photo": false, "month": 7, "county": "San Juan (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 2006, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": "R. or C. O'Clair", "id": 157631, "locality": "Friday Harbor, 3.2mi WNW", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.56", "elevation": 262, "males": null, "collection": "O'Clair Coll", "collection__url": null, "date": "2006/7/1", "day": 1, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.08"}, {"site_name": "Shawnigan Lake", "linked_photo": false, "month": 5, "county": "Cowichan Valley (BC)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1927, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": "A. W. Hanham", "id": 178542, "locality": "Shawnigan Lake", "state": "BC", "latitude": "48.62", "elevation": 1729, "males": -1, "collection": "RBCM", "collection__url": "http://www.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/Natural_History/Insects-and-Relatives.aspx", "date": "1927/5/17", "day": 17, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.90"}, {"site_name": "Shawnigan Dist. ", "linked_photo": false, "month": 7, "county": "Central Kootenay (BC)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1994, "females": 1, "subspecies": null, "collector": "Jon Shepard", "id": 127799, "locality": "Sproule Cr. Synonyms (1): P . Vernon", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "Skagit (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1935, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": null, "id": 98571, "locality": "Mt. It is considered a minor defoliator of many plants. ", "state": "BC", "latitude": "48.66", "elevation": 53, "males": -1, "collection": "RBCM", "collection__url": "http://www.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/Natural_History/Insects-and-Relatives.aspx", "date": "1944/7/3", "day": 3, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.56"}, {"site_name": "Chuckanut Mt., W slope", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "Whatcom (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1995, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": "L. G. Crabo", "id": 109647, "locality": "Chuckanut Mt., W slope", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.68", "elevation": 958, "males": -99999, "collection": "LGCC", "collection__url": null, "date": "1995/6/24", "day": 24, "notes": "", "longitude": "-122.48"}, {"site_name": "Chuckanut Bay", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "Whatcom (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1993, "females": 1, "subspecies": null, "collector": "L. G. Crabo", "id": 99835, "locality": "Chuckanut Bay", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.69", "elevation": 115, "males": 0, "collection": "WSU", "collection__url": "http://entomology.wsu.edu/outreach/m-t-james-museum/", "date": "1993/6/13", "day": 13, "notes": "", "longitude": "-122.49"}, {"site_name": "Dailey Prairie", "linked_photo": false, "month": 7, "county": "Whatcom (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1995, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": "L. G. Crabo", "id": 127088, "locality": "Dailey Prairie", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.72", "elevation": 3184, "males": -99999, "collection": "LGCC", "collection__url": null, "date": "1995/7/8", "day": 8, "notes": "", "longitude": "-122.03"}, {"site_name": "Van Zandt Dike", "linked_photo": false, "month": 7, "county": "Whatcom (WA)", "record_type": "literature", "year": 2009, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": "M.R. Espace pour la vie s'engage à mieux faire connaître et protéger la biodiversité de notre planète. Publié le octobre 29, 2010. ", "state": "OR", "latitude": "44.53", "elevation": 3000, "males": 1, "collection": "JHS", "collection__url": null, "date": "1991/5/21", "day": 21, "notes": "", "longitude": "-117.18"}, {"site_name": "Corvallis", "linked_photo": false, "month": 7, "county": "Benton (OR)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1959, "females": 1, "subspecies": null, "collector": "P. P. Sikorowski", "id": 116491, "locality": "Corvallis", "state": "OR", "latitude": "44.56", "elevation": 225, "males": 0, "collection": "WSU", "collection__url": "http://entomology.wsu.edu/outreach/m-t-james-museum/", "date": "1959/7/2", "day": 2, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.26"}, {"site_name": "Woods Cr. ", "state": "BC", "latitude": "48.66", "elevation": 53, "males": 0, "collection": "UBC", "collection__url": "http://beatymuseum.ubc.ca/collections/entomological/", "date": "1936/6/3", "day": 3, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.56"}, {"site_name": "Shawnigan Dist. [1] [2] Inga underarter finns listade. Aujourd'hui, nous parlons d'énergie solaire, éolienne, géothermique, hydraulique ou fossile. Eggs hatch at certain points throughout the year, and the life cycle is highly dependent on climate. ", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "Douglas (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 2000, "females": 0, "subspecies": null, "collector": "J. ", "state": "BC", "latitude": "48.66", "elevation": 53, "males": -1, "collection": "RBCM", "collection__url": "http://www.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/Natural_History/Insects-and-Relatives.aspx", "date": "1933/7/13", "day": 13, "notes": "", "longitude": "-123.56"}, {"site_name": "Shawnigan Cr. & S. Shepard", "id": 106756, "locality": "Douglas Cr. Des milliers de nouvelles images de grande qualité ajoutées chaque jour. Groupes de chenilles d'asclépiade sont connus pour le décapage des pans entiers de l'asclépiade dans l'est et le centre des États-Unis à nu. Definition of Pyrrharctia isabella in the Definitions.net dictionary. Les adultes sont vu voler autour natif de l'Illinois d'Avril à Août. Joyce", "id": 97707, "locality": "Bellingham", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.76", "elevation": 74, "males": -1, "collection": "WWUC", "collection__url": "", "date": "1964/6/27", "day": 27, "notes": "", "longitude": "-122.49"}, {"site_name": "Bellingham", "linked_photo": false, "month": 5, "county": "Whatcom (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1974, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": "C. Driver", "id": 103897, "locality": "Bellingham", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.76", "elevation": 74, "males": -1, "collection": "WWUC", "collection__url": "", "date": "1974/5/22", "day": 22, "notes": "", "longitude": "-122.49"}, {"site_name": "Bellingham", "linked_photo": false, "month": 6, "county": "Whatcom (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1967, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": null, "id": 104153, "locality": "Bellingham", "state": "WA", "latitude": "48.76", "elevation": 74, "males": -1, "collection": "WWUC", "collection__url": "", "date": "1967/6/25", "day": 25, "notes": "", "longitude": "-122.49"}, {"site_name": "Bellingham", "linked_photo": false, "month": 5, "county": "Whatcom (WA)", "record_type": "specimen", "year": 1981, "females": null, "subspecies": null, "collector": "P.D.